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Trails on Leith Hill... who keeps doing this!?

JonnyNJonnyN Posts: 181
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I was riding Leith Hill last weekend and came across a couple of trails with branches strewn across them! I wondered if they had simply fallen from the trees but they looked too "perfect" if you see what I mean?

Who is doing this and why? I had to get off the bike (no chance bunny hopping over!) and move the offending branches out of the way! Do these people not realise the damage they could cause?!

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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 13,317
    It's probably walkers, angry that you're on 'their' trails. It happens a lot unfortunately.

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  • ShawsieShawsie Posts: 4
    Check out July MBR for a short paragraph on the access problems being experienced on Lith/Holmbury Hill at the mo! :?
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