Reducer Headset.. am I being blind?

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Hi people!

I've just ordered a Carbon 456, and am now looking for a headset to fit.. I need a Reducer headset (as I'll be putting standard 1 1/8th Revelations on, the headtube is 1 1/8th top, 1.5 bottom)

I've been searching the interwebs, and not having much luck.. FSA do the 'Gravity SXE' headset, but I can only find it here..

This one would work ok, right? Or, are there others out there more up to the job? (please provide links etc if you can!)

Cheers for any help!
Stav :)


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  • Beardface
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    Lol, cheers Nick, like I said, I presumed I was being blind.. I thought CRC would have something, but couldn't see for the life of me! (Bit cr@p with part numbers etc, only ever used standard headsets)

    Only trouble is, it's out of stock (although the frame won't be with me until June 10th). Shall look about for an in stock one.

    Cheers, as always, mate! :D
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    hi, i've been having the same problem. Not helped by every manufacturer having different names for each (not so standard) 'standard'.

    In the end I went for a hope combi headset like this: ... -down.html

    You will have to ring to comfirm which combination of top and bottom 'standards' you want though.

    From what I gather you need an integral/internal/semi intergrated (but not intergrated) 1.125 top and a reducer 1.5-1.125 bottom.

    hope this helps
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  • Northwind
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    The Hope reducer is really nice, I've got a full 1.5/1 1/8ths on the Hemlock but you can mix and match parts freely, and some shops (not all) sell them in any combination. They also do a tall, +10mm bottom race which you can use to tweak geometry a bit, I went with that option to get 160mm geometry out of a 150mm fork.
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    i e-mailed on one about this.

    They said that they'd have a selection of headsets available when they had the frames in stock.
  • Beardface
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    Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated, and the hope one certainly gives me something to think about :)
    i e-mailed on one about this.

    They said that they'd have a selection of headsets available when they had the frames in stock.

    I called them and they said the same, but they said they hadn't decided which ones they'd be getting in.. he mentioned possibly Chris King, but I'd rather not spend £100 on the headset really, when the Hope/FSA ones are more than up to the job!

    I'll wait it out, see what they offer, and that way, I can have it fitted by them too :)

    (Tried a CK headset before, really didn't notice much, if any difference to be honest)

    Cheers again!
  • Higs
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    I'm in the same boat and will see what they offer.

    Having said that...
    FSA SXE: if it's loose ball bearings in the bottom, I'll avoid.
    Hope: possible
    Chris King: I'll avoid - cost, looks and don't want a groove wearing in my steerer.
    Mythic: possible

    To me it will come down to quality of bearing used vs. cost.
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    nicklouse wrote:
    That's not a reducer headset, that's a headset for a tapered steerer, is it not?
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  • Search for Gravity on Chain Reaction and there are two headsets that pop up, one in stock, one out of stock.