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Which route from the LakeDistrict Vertebrate Publishing book

macsmacs Posts: 209
edited May 2010 in Routes
wanting to do a decent distance ride from this book so which of these would people recommend and how long do you think they will take?

Borrowdale Bash
Skiddaw Loop
High Street North
Parkamoor & Tibberthwaite

Wanting to make a day of it but still have energy left over for a ride the next day. Personally I'm swaying towards the High Street ride as the name has always been synonymous with Lake District riding, but are there better routes on that list?


  • robklancsrobklancs Posts: 498
    i cant comment on the other rides as never done them but dont do cartmell fell, i know that for sure. Spent last saturday wasting my time on that one, starts with a long road downhill, fun but not exactly mountain biking, then the rest seemed very uphill.

    I have read lots of positives about parkamoor.

    Have you thoght about Garburn?
  • macsmacs Posts: 209
    thinking of doing Garburn Pass on the Sunday we're up there. its 15km long so thinking it wont be longer than 2 hours. am i right?
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    Depends how fit you are.Garbon isn't THE toughest pass but it's still a tough ride.
    Off the list Helvellyn is a long hike-a-bike up and needs good weather.It also depends which one you choose as Dollywagon can be a walk down for most riders.
    High Street similar to Helvellyn,need a good day/dry spell.
    Borrowdale bash,i don't get how this gets its "classic"status.OK it has 2 good descents but 50% of the ride is on Tarmac.
    There's 3 or 4 variations of the Skiddaw loop,all good.
  • snotty badgersnotty badger Posts: 1,593
    IMO The Bash is a classic- few km on tarmac but all your downhills are offroad.

    Its one of my favorite rides- they don't get much rockier!
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  • benjidaysbenjidays Posts: 69
    id reck on doing whinlatter,preatty good for half aday then go somewere else.
  • r3 guyr3 guy Posts: 229
    doing whinlatter????? WTF
    Thats like going to a Michelin starred restaurant and ordering beans and chips!!

    Parkamoor and tibthwaite is a cracking route,

    IMO trail centres are made for those that DONT have stunning riding on their doorstep.
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