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Any one in the Warrington or nearby area...

mattrixdesign2mattrixdesign2 Posts: 644
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I have just bought a new MTB, I am fairly fit, but want to get back into MTBing. I do have lots of family commitments (don't we all?). I would be interested in the occasional Weekend or even evening ride. Prefer XC type stuff.

Let me know, or feel free to point me in the direct of some clubs.


  • maloomaloo Posts: 214
    where abouts in Warrington are you ?
  • Culcheth, about 8 miles from Warrington.
  • maloomaloo Posts: 214
    not too far from me then, well If your ever stuck for someone to go biking with just give me a shout. Also check out the slow rides thread ... good bunch of people who meet up once a month :)
  • Thanks, may be in touch in a few weeks.
  • lee beelee bee Posts: 29
    Hi I also live in Warrington there is club called the Wooleybacks who meet a lot. I am down to join there monthly newbie ride in June a week on wednesday. just google them them for more info. Hope this helps.
  • thanks, I may make contact with them. Things is I have so many other things to do :x
  • iceaxiceax Posts: 72
    Im also in Warrington, Sankey / Penketh way.

    Looking to get out on some evening rides soon too :D

  • maloomaloo Posts: 214
    looks like there might be a few of us in the warrington area 8) Where do you normally ride iceax ?
  • lee beelee bee Posts: 29
    I would be up for a ride out if anyone fancies it. I live in Cinnamon Brow.
  • iceaxiceax Posts: 72
    I normally do 5 or 10 miles a night locally, up near the ferry round sankey valley, but
    looking at trying Rivi adn Lee soon, when i get a pass out from swmbo!

    How about everyone else?

  • maloomaloo Posts: 214
    I dont really do that much locally, I tend to either nip over to llandegla for a mid week evening ride or go somewhere in northwales or peak district at the weekend.
  • iceaxiceax Posts: 72
    I wish i had that much time in the evening :(

  • bigpolebigpole Posts: 1
    Look at Allterrain MBC in warrington and has night rides check out the web site
  • maloo wrote:
    I tend to either nip over to llandegla for a mid week evening ride or go somewhere in northwales or peak district at the weekend.

    I did Llandegla last Sunday, really enjoyed it, its like a roller coaster, I was buzzing, a bit far out though, but great fun.

    I am thinking of going to do Edale/Hayfield circle this Sunday, but would have to be an early start.

    lee bee - I used to live in Cinnamon brow, where abouts are you?
  • anyone?
  • iceaxiceax Posts: 72
    Cant im afraid, am out saturday so will be recovering sunday morning.

    I am going to try and get to delamere in the evening i think

  • another time then? Post here or PM me.
  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    I am in Culcheth. There isnt much good off-roading around here as it is pretty flat. I tend to do a loop that involves quite a bit of tarmac, but I like it.

    I am riding most days, so give us a shout if you want to meet up.

  • pastey_boypastey_boy Posts: 2,083
    im in leigh. i do a lot of riding around rivington and llandegla. delamere forest isnt too bad for a quick blast.
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  • Just say hello, from padgate. If you ever want go for a ride let me know.
  • I have been totally hopeless at keeping up to date with this thread, but I am thinking about getting out this Sunday.
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