Squeeking Cable Cap/Cable Stop

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I have a Specialized Roubaix. A short while ago it developed a mysterious squeek at the front end.

After going through all of the usual causes and eliminating them (and going a little up the wall in the process) I have now located the problem.

Where the rear brake outer cable seats in the front cable stop, underneath the top tube, the end has a small degree of movement. When I steer, or am out of the saddle, it moves a bit in the cable stop, and squeeks.

Any ideas how to remedy this?



  • You could try wrapping some electrical tape around the ferrule to make it a tighter fit?
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    A dob of grease? Y'know, the squeaky <insert mechanical noun here> gets the grease?
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    As mentioned above, grease the cablestop/ferrule interface and also the ferrule/outercable interface. I've had the same in the past and only really cured it satisfactorily by replacing the outer.
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