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Bike Size

salopcyclistsalopcyclist Posts: 11
edited May 2010 in Tour & expedition
I recently bought a Dawes Ultra Galaxy and tried both the 54 and 57 in the shop. I decided to go for the 57 since the 54 felt a bit small (i felt a bit cramped on the handlebars). I am 5'10 with 32" inseam so on the cusp of each size and my understanding was that it would be better to go for the bigger size.

I have now done a few miles and am starting to think I made the wrong decision as I am getting arm and back ache. I have tried adjusting the saddle but cant seem to get a position to suit, a lot of the information online is aimed more at road bikes than touring bikes and some of it is contradictory.

I ride a 54 road bike and havent had any problems with that. What do people suggest on adjusting the 57 to suit me, or would it be better to try and get the smaller size?


  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 554
    I had a similar problem but opposite.. A dawes Galaxy tour I bought ultra cheap was too small...My Local Bike shop said the soluition was to change tthe length and height of the handle bar stem or quill .They put on an adjusted stem which lengthened your stretch..Maybe you get one which shortens it.. perhaps its just normal aches and pains.Had this when I once changed from drops to upright .Got use it it in time
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