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Electric Hook ups at campsites?

CyclingBantamCyclingBantam Posts: 1,299
edited May 2010 in Tour & expedition
Has anyone ever used the electric hook ups at campsites? Is it possible to get an adapter that converts them so you can plug standard plugs in? I have only see adaptors that come with 20 feet of cable?

Identifying ways of getting electrical power on tour is proving difficult!


  • badloserbadloser Posts: 7
    Most campsites in France + Italy I've been to offer from normal continental european plugs so all you need is a socket adaptor. They usually have a few of these with heavy duty rubber caps on next to the caravan hook up points. If not then theres usually a sneaky plug in the sanitaries block...
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Erm I'm no expert but I think you definitely need a plug with an earth. A normal two-pin plug isn't enough.
  • ralexralex Posts: 85
    andymiller wrote:
    Erm I'm no expert but I think you definitely need a plug with an earth. A normal two-pin plug isn't enough.

    Generally you won't need and earth, most devices people are likely to be using will be low voltage, and the transformer unit will be double insulated with no exposed metal parts and therfore an earth connection is unnecessary.
  • CyclingBantamCyclingBantam Posts: 1,299
    Where am I able. To get the transformer units from though? Can you get one that isn't attached to an extension cable?
  • ralexralex Posts: 85
    I was referring to the transformer units that you get supplied with whatever device you are using, i.e. the mains adapter. You can get universal mains adapters which you can adjust the output voltage to suit your device, but they are not guaranteed to work with everything you might want to use them with.
    For connecting to the site electrics you can get various leads and adapters from caravan accessory shops, I think you'd be looking at one of these : ... ductId=563
    and one of these : ... ductId=806

    Although, as Badloser says above, if it's just a regular european socket you really just need a regular travel adapter.
  • Tim FarrTim Farr Posts: 665
    I use the electric 'hook up' for my caravan. Presumably you can get a lead and connector for camping as well. Certainly the hook up is NOT low voltage since you can run an electric hob and fan heater off it - not necessarily at the same time.

    Certainly electrics and caravans is a specialised area and presumably so is electrics and camping. We are talking about dangerous stuff so IMO you need to get advice from someone who really knows. Perhaps a technician at your local caravan dealer; perhaps a specialised camping outlet; perhaps wardens at a Caravan and Camping Club site.
    T Farr
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