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Dealing with a bent wheel

sonny73sonny73 Posts: 2,203
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Just got in and at the end of my ride I pushed off downhill from a set of lights and my left foot slipped trying to find the pedal and my heel went in to the wheel.
Carried on and realised I had bent the rim, as the wheel wouldn't run without the brakes raised.

Got home checked it over and indeed the rim is wobbling and won’t run with the brake callipers down.
So my plan is to call my LBS to have them help, but just wondering is it an easy fix or am I staring down the barrel of a new wheelset?
Cheers for any advice ;)

Also just wondered how such things affect the integrity of the wheel in anyones experience?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    It depends on how far out of true the wheel is, whether there is any damage to the rim and finally the wheel construction and whether the spokes can be used to pull it back into line. Generally, if the buckle is less than 10mm and there is no crease in the rim, then no problem - I've straightened wheels that were far, far worse. Your LBS / an experienced mechanic is best placed to advise - very difficult to answer without seeing the wheel.
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  • SchobiedooSchobiedoo Posts: 121
    It's really going to depend on how badly the wheel is bent and whether you've bent the rim or whether it's just buckled. At a minimum it's probably going to need some new spokes and a re-true, at worse it will need a complete re-build (in which case it may be cheaper to get a whole new wheel).

    Take it to someone who's trustworthy. I took a buckled wheel into a bike shop recently who said it was a right off and they "recommended" a new wheel. All it needed was a new set of spokes and a rebuild which I did myself and it's already had a few hundred miles on it without any problem.
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  • sonny73sonny73 Posts: 2,203
    Great cheers for the info chaps, now I've thought about what I did my heel only went in to the spokes so logically the rim should only appear to be bent due to the spokes being out.

    I assume that can be the case with b*ggered spokes?
    I've never amazingly had the problem before, so sorry to sound a bit dense.
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