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Hi all my name is Charles I'm 33 yrs old and although I have been cycling for the past 4 years it has not been to the same extent as I find now.

I have entered into a sponsored cycling event for CHAS from Edinburgh to Stirling and would like some advice on training.

I am currently going out twice a week (would like to do more but Scottish weather work and family life curtails further attempts). I have been building up the duration of my rides and currently doing about 25 miles in preparation for the 44+ miles. What I have found is that after the rides my thighs are quite sore for a couple of days afterwards.

Are there any exercises or tips you could provide to assist in the recovery.


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    a couple of things.

    firstly, muscle requires protein. so foods high in protein will help give your muscles what they need to repair themselves.

    secondly ice cold baths help for some reason. I'm not clever enough to know why they help, but they do. soaking the muscles after in ice cold water is supposed to help.

    thirdly, make sure you warm up. and stretch.