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Two broken wrists after crash!!!

sciencegeeksciencegeek Posts: 95
Big fast OTH downhil at Water in deepest Dartmoor, two wrist's OK! Feel free to laugh!


  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Oh no!!! :shock:

    Just had to say bad luck, and get well soon :D
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  • POIDH!!

    Get well soon mate!
  • mudsuckermudsucker Posts: 718
    OMG ouch! Get well soon fella!
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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  • sciencegeeksciencegeek Posts: 95
    Dear 2 in tha ouse.....and Jon is drinking tea through a straw...muppet!

    NOTE TO MODERATOR...where can we discuss how to crash well pls?
  • sciencegeeksciencegeek Posts: 95
    Just like to thank Dave Lancaster and Steven Buckler for getting me to A&E, you two are good to have around.
  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    Mate of mine got on his 18th birthday, pissed, and pissed off the staff an Indian restaurant in Splott, late 70's.

    Big fight, lots of meat cleavers etc. They broke both his arms

    He had both arms in plaster, and a huge stick-thing connecting them across his chest.

    Think his Mam used him to dry clothes in front of the fire! LOL!
  • sciencegeeksciencegeek Posts: 95
    ooh yes, it works...unlike both my wrists
  • ShaniacShaniac Posts: 5
    I won't laugh since we all have had our moments...
    I was riding my mtn bike for exercise on a a neighborhood paved sidewalk. It was getting dark and I did not notice that they curved the sidewalk around a fire hydrant (literally a half circle detour around a fire hydrant...not a good design if you ask me...) Well all the training you go through on single track trail riding tells you that you are to keep your eyes ahead and not down at your tires...I was on a paved sidewalk so I figured there were no trees or hairpin turns to deal with so I obviously was not paying attention to the unmovable object I was approaching. Needless to say I see the hydrant at the last minute, tried to avoid it and all I remember seeing was 20 mph on my bike computer as I went OTH and pretty much ate the concrete. I didn't brake my wrists but I lost a lot of skin and my pride but gained a valuable lesson....
    Hope you get a laugh or two from that and hope you get well soon and are back out on the trails....
    Michael S. Phillips

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  • RoonerRooner Posts: 109
    poor you! I sympathise, bust one of mine last winte. Went round a corner at around 15mph, only trouble was said corner was covered in black ice. Fantastic 30 yard skid on my back down the road, luckily wearing backpack and helmet, but both wrists slapped down backwards and one snapped. Still, hard as nails me, got back on my bike and cycled the remaining 4 miles to work and carreid on working for 2 hours. Decided to go to casualty when my hand turned into Hellboys hand :shock:

    Good thing was with only one broken I could still go running, I'm trying to imagine running with two wrists in plaster........
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