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Richmond Park Traffic Issues

ultimobiciultimobici Posts: 44
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I was wondering what riders who use Richmond Park think of using the same arrangement that Paris has in the Bois de Boulogne.

Traffic can only go in one direction, cars one way and cyclists the other. As a consequence you never have cars tailgating cyclists and overtaking at inappropriate points; while the drivers don't get frustrated by cyclists "slowing them down".

So in RP you could have motor vehicle traffic going clockwise and cycles going anticlockwise. Drivers & cyclists would have little or no reason to cross each others' paths.

What's the consensus?

Would you support a contraflow system in RP? 0 votes

Cars Clockwise/Cyclists Anticlockwise
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Alternating from week to week
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  • OldSkoolKonaOldSkoolKona Posts: 655
    Worth bearing in mind though that not everyone who cycles through RP are doing laps, a lot are using it as part of their commute. Main issue in RP is that it is used by cars as a rat run. If they were to shut it early in the evening all year round (like they do in winter without any major issue) it would make it much nicer.
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