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Soveriegn Trail anyone...?

physiostevephysiosteve Posts: 194
edited May 2010 in MTB rides
Just heading out of Moab to hit some choice singletrack. Had it massive up in La Sal Mountains yesterday, a combination of 8 mile climbs, thigh deep powder snow, hike a bike, brutal singletrack decending, creek and log crossings a plenty, and yep.... a bloody big brown bear...! Posts a bit tongue in cheek, dnt really expect anyone to read it and join us, but if ur reading this and it wets the appetite then get out out ere for us mountainbiking will never b quite the same.
Slick Rock bagged - as good as ud imagine
Porcupine Rim and Amasa Back to follow...!
Couple of 5 spots, a hummer and a handjob.....
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