saddle sore

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okay had my bike about 4-5 wks and am enjoying it xcept for my ring am going to take saddle off and get the best padded one i can any advice pls


  • try some padded shorts?
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    Padded shorts under what you might normally wear and get used to won't be sore for long.

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    WTB Rocket V is probably the most comfortable saddle I have. ... addle.html

    Also padded shorts will make a huge difference.
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    How the saddle fits your backside is more important than padding.

    And wear padded shorts.s
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  • CraziScot
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    I've just moved from cheap padded shorts to Endura FS260 Pro, after long 30 mile plus rides I have absolutely no saddle sore. Not as silly expensive as other bib shorts but silly comfy!
  • portland_bill
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    Just keep at it mate. I bought a bike last year and I've only just started getting the chance to spend some time on it and I was getting sore too, but I've been on and off it for about 2 months now and while I can still feel the pain, it's bearable and lessening all the time.