What MTB training skills course company?

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Hi folks,

Decided that I would benefit from some MTB training. Currently ride the 7-stanes Red routes regularly, predominantly Glentress and Inners and recognise that some training on drop off, step ups and jumps would improve my experience.

Have seen courses advertised by the Hub and also Transcend Trail Academy. Has anyone done either of their courses? Thoughts on how good they were or any recommendations would be welcome.



  • dirt school have a good reputation, run by top riders too, so you learn from folk who know there stuff.

    ive never done a course but i can see how there would be benefits to be had, im too skint to afford such things at the minute
    i spent all me money on whisky and beer!!!
  • Cannon71
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    I took one of the free sessions from Cycle Active at this weekend's CRC MTB marathon in Wales. (Cycle Active work out of Cumbria but they travel around the country to hold sessions.)

    Can I put it to you like this: in a single hours session, I halved my stopping distances. Nuff said! :shock: :D

    Rich Barnard (regular MBR/WMB/BikeRadar contributor) explained the physics, showed us how to implement that on the bikes, set up tests then gave feedback on what we were doing and how we could improve it. The results were astonishing.

    He made it clear that most bikers would spend hundreds on new, bigger brakes or better tyres rather than getting coaching. But a single session with them has proven more useful than even the most expensive brakes/rubber!

    So useful was this session that I'll definitely be booking a 'proper' coaching session with these guys!

    P.S. I don't work for them!
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    Based on the OP's post I'm guessing you're based in Scotland. I used Transcend and can highly recommend his courses. Cycleactive are indeed very good but I suspect Transcend will be a lot closer.
  • vblue
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I am based in Scotland (Edinburgh) so ideally looking to do the training at Glentress. Transcend sound good. Anyone used the Hub?