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fox triad rear shock

gimli1001gimli1001 Posts: 28
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i own a 2005 FSR XCPRO, i bought this about 4 years ago secondhand, sadly after 3 rides it was sent to the loft and i went back onto my scott, the problem with the spesh was that the rear shock the infamous triad, was stuck down, well ive pulled the bike out the loft, and im willing to give it a second chance, i know specialized are awesome bikes so it deserves a second go, any way ive looked on mojo and they will charge me around 100 smakers to service and sort out the rear shock, but lookinround ebay and such i can pick shocks for half that, so does anyone know what a good replacement is for the triad, i cant work out the size of my triad as it seriously stuck down, i can put in 400psi and it dont budge, scary i know, reading up a float RP2 is a good replacement

can anyone lend a little advice help,

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  • fcumokfcumok Posts: 283
    I believe that the shock is a custom size so you would need to get it altered. TF Tuned may be cheaper.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    nothing wrong with the Triad in my opinion. It's based on the RP23 anyway. Get it serviced and fixed by TFT or MOJO (personally I'd send it to TFT £ 85, link).
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