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Folded tyres

Champy79Champy79 Posts: 46
edited June 2010 in Workshop

Silly question. I recently bought some new Michelin pro race 3 tyres and they arrived in the post folded up. Ive twice now managed to fit them only to inflate the tyre and then for the inner tube to burst. The strange thing is, it seems to burst in the same place on both occasions. Ive only inflated it to 70psi before they explode.

Ive checked that there is nothing on the tyre or the rim of the wheel that would cause the tear. Am I doing something wrong?


  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    You are possibly pinching the tube when getting the tyre re-seated on the rim. Partially inflate the tube (literally just a few pumps to give it shape) before re-seating the tyre. This should help seat the tube and avoid it being pinched.
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  • Champy79Champy79 Posts: 46
    Thanks, will give that a try
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    Have you got it up yet? :wink:
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  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    rigid tyres are so much better to install on the rims
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