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    I don't have any experience of those bikes you mentioned but what are you looking for in the bike? Comfort, speed, put panniers on for touring, mud guards?

    BTW what's the event you are doing in September?
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    i got a 2009 specialized allez elite on ebay for under £600 and it had only done 20 miles. great bike for the money and fairly relaxed geometry. the compact chainset will let you climb anything.

    I wouldnt buy new at this price point as you can get so much more for your money if you go the used route. loads of people get bikes on cycle to work and they sit gathering dust instead of miles :)
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    The most important thing is sizing, a decent bike shop will make sure you get a bike that fits you. For this reason alone I think it makes sense to get a first road bike from a shop rather than buy secondhand.
    Beyond that, most things are really just personal preference- do you want a double or triple front chainset, do you want clearance for mudguards etc. The forums are full of discussions on these things but there really isn't a right answer. Buy a bike that fits you and looks and feels right.
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    i'd go for the Felt out of this selection _ i am delighted with mine
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