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Reborn Rockhopper

Pik n MixPik n Mix Posts: 39
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Well here is my bike finally done after the addition of new forks and headset. This bike has been very good to me, it was bought for my 21st in 2001, everyone i knew paid into it to get it for me after my original rockhopper (massively modded) was stolen by pikey scumbags.

So this was the replacement I have over the years changed everything but for sentimental reasons and the fact that i love it, the frame will remain. The forks and headset were for my recent 30th from my family so the trend continues.



Frame: 19" 2001 Specialized Rockhopper.
Fork: Rockshox Reba SL 2010.
Crank: Raceface Evolve XC.
Brakes: Avid Juicy 7, 160mm G3 rotors.
Stem: Raceface Deus XC.
Bars: Race Face Next Carbon XC Riser.
Seatpost: Bog standard issue 30.9 Specialized Alloy. (only thing other than frame that's original)
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR XC.
Headset: Hope.
Wheels: Mavic XC717 Disk rims, Shimano XT hubs.
Pedals: DMR V8 for commuting, Crank Bros egg beater SL's for out getting muddy.



  • Real nice. IMHO probably the best overall mtb frame ever made.
  • cheeheecheehee Posts: 427
    I really really like that Rockhopper. It blends old and new really well IMO.

    Is it from Websters??
  • Pik n MixPik n Mix Posts: 39
    cheehee wrote:
    I really really like that Rockhopper. It blends old and new really well IMO.

    Is it from Websters??

    Thank you the bike means a lot to me so its nice to have positive comments cos i know the frame is too old for some people!

    It is from Websters yes bought May 2001 i picked it up and rode it home and it was pissing it down the whole way haha.

  • AndyOgyAndyOgy Posts: 579
    Too old????

    I still regularly ride my 1991 Trek 6000 and hope to do so for many years to come.

    It was my first 'proper' mountain bike. Paid for by paper rounds, saturday work and a little help from ma and pa. As such, it has got huge sentimental value and I hope to ride it for many years to come.

    I do have other bikes and the Trek never gets used off road these days. But I'll spend whatever it costs to keep that bike going. One of my current bikes is a Rockhopper and I love that bike too.
  • Pik n MixPik n Mix Posts: 39
    Good to hear Andy, this 01 was a replacement for a very early rockhopper, i would still have that one if it wasn't pinched :(

    Still it gave me what i have today so it's not all bad.

    Really need exams to be over with so i can just get out and ride her properly.

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