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Dropping handlebar height - spacers

trekrider127trekrider127 Posts: 83
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Hi guys

I'm wanting to drop my handlebars again - each season a few more pounds and a bit more flexible - this cycling thing is doing an old boy good!

I have three spacers on the forks and last season I had two above the stem and one between the stem and headset.

I just wanted to check that it is okay to mount the stem next to the headset and it doesn't need a spacer between. I could swap one spacer for 2 thinner ones and drop a little more, but the stem next to the headset works really well for me if its okay technically.

Cheers in advance


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    That will be fine. If you plan to keep it that way you could get the fork cut down to eliminate all but one of the spacers above the stem which would make it look neater Or leave it as it is in case you later want to sell it to a less bendy individual.
  • Great - thanks for that.
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