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Low carb diets

StupidboypikeStupidboypike Posts: 84
Apologies if this has been asked before.

Anybody done the Atkins type thing to any degree, and was it successful?

I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for brekkie, cold meats, cheese and salad for lunch, and it's minced steak, cabbage and cauli for dinner. Can you lose lard on such tasty fayre??????

I'm not fat, I'm big boned......


  • Whoops....just found stuff...........
    I'm not fat, I'm big boned......
  • sparky750sparky750 Posts: 18
    I did it last year for about a month lost about 15kg, the problem is you loose the will to live the food soon becomes boring and when you come off it doesn't take long to gain the weight back. Granted it was the first diet i've ever done and i've since decided exercise and eat when i'm hungry not when i'm meant to with healthier foods works best for me.
  • Thanks for that.
    I'm not fat, I'm big boned......
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    utter bOllocks these fancy diets, don't believe in any ot them.
    Eat sensibly, don't take in too many carbs ( but you need them, otherwise you will be lifeless). Exercise and you WILL loose weight.

    E.G. my diet is;
    Protein shake when I wake up (6am)
    Bagel with low fat cheese about 7ish when I get to work.
    Apple and protein shake at 10ish.
    Dinner is either baked potato (with beans/lowfat cheese), or ham/chicken salad sandwich with home made veg soup, or chicken/ham salal.
    Mid afternoon snack of banana (and protein shake if I'm really hungary!).
    Tea is a normal meal, but more Veggies and protein than carbs).

    Train at gym 4 times a week (bike to gym twice a week 7miles e/w). I weigh approx 12stone. Get out into the hills not as often as I'd like :(

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