fizik saddle bag

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just bought medium size bag without the clip but with the so called standard straps..for the life of me i cannot fit this securely,anyone help??


  • evilollie
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    its it look like the bag wont fit properly cause the strap for the rails is on the bottom of the bag ?

    if it is turn the bag upide down so that from the back the fizik logo is upside down
  • evilollie
    evilollie Posts: 148
    the strap will run under the bag and can be fit over the rails and into the velcro retainer

    i can post a pic if you want to see it
  • No the b ag goes the right way up. You first pass the straps. Between the rails and the saddle then wrap down under the bag, through the placky bit and velcro together.
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  • evilollie
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    your dead on there... thanks :D