Saddle sore Ouch1!!!!!!

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Does anyone know whats best to do for LEJOG, get a comfortable saddle or get better shorts.

SADDLE- which one should I go for would prefer something that doesn't look like a car seat. Must say though if I can keep my priginal saddle and get shorts that do the trick then I would much prefer that.

SHORTS- I have some shorts with what I first thought decent padding in I have cycled 115mile saturday and sunday but I have to say my bum not the most comfortable plce to rest on right now.
I don't know the brand of my shorts and to be quiet honest I just think their basic padded cycle shorts theirs no brand on them.

I have noticed brand named ones in chops like specialized etc but do the brand names supply better padded shorts or are they mostly the same padding.


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    I would say get some better shorts as I have been riding to work over the last 6 weeks and have some cheap Aldi's one which were ok but after getting some off of ebay :shock: :D

    My bottom felt better after putting them on, even after it was feeling a little sore.

    Pads are much better for a start.

    You know you want too :wink:
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    I would suggest both.

    Saddles are quite personal things - some people can get along with lots of different makes and styles, other seem to have problems with all but a select few. There are numerous threads on here about the pro's and cons of different saddles. Specialized seem to do some Body Geometry ones which are apparently comfortable on the old under-carraige.

    Regarding shorts you will probably be better off with bib shorts than just plain lycra shorts - tend to fit fit better having straps over the shoulders. Regarding good makes, many on here will recommend Assos F1 Unos, but they are quite expensive although have excellent padding. Other brands to consider which have good quality products include Gore, Giodarno and Castelli. Again loads of threads about this on the Buying Advice section.

    And don't forget to get some chamois cream to keep the short / under-carriage area nice and comfortable!
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    Some people can get away with cheap shorts but if you are experiencing problems of the nasty saddle sore variety then you are not one of them and will probably benefit from investing a decent amount of cash in the more upmarket brands ( they really do work )
    Similarly, 115 miles is not just a quick trip down the local pub. Chamois cream is probably a necessity at this distance and it's application will make you feel more like a pro (which sort of "pro" is dependant upon your personal reaction to slopping a load of lubricating cream in your nether region !)
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    Bibshorts recommended as the higher material and fit I find is more comfortable. Better coverage between jersey and short - no gaps if jersey rides up a little.

    I have done the cheap short thing and found that the Karrimor range from Sport and Soccer were the best of the bunch although when I finally splashed out on "proper" kit an immense difference in comfort noted. I treated myself to Assos F1 Uno S5 at a cost of £99 from my LBS - 75 mile ride and no butt pain. I wanted a second pair but reluctant to dish out another £99 so on the advice of the LBS I tried the Giordana Tenax which listed at £70 they let me have for £58. They are fantastic and suit me to a T. Prefer them to the Assos and recommend wholeheartedly.

    Before I did the decent short purchase I was getting up to 50-60 miles and the bottom pain was bad so first move was to change the saddle. I bought the Selle Italia Max Flite Gel again after LBS recommendation. This made a great improvement although the butt still in pain but managed to ride for 15/16 miles further before it started getting painful and unbearable. Now riding comfortably without any pain and feeling quite fresh after 75 miles and 4 to 5 hours in the saddle.

    So recommend decent shorts first and you should notice improvement -if it doesnt get you completely pain free then look at a new saddle too.
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    Budget for iro £50+ for a decent pair of bibshorts. That's a little over £25 per cheek, but a big saving in-between. :wink:
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    I use Shutt VR Bib shorts.

    In conjunction with a Brooks Pro Team Saddle

    The breaking in was no problemaand it now fits like a glove.

    The Brooks may look old fasioned, because it is, but (for me) the comfort outweighs the looks.

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    Rich Hcp wrote:
    I use Shutt VR Bib shorts.

    In conjunction with a Brooks Pro Team Saddle

    The breaking in was no problemaand it now fits like a glove.

    The Brooks may look old fasioned, because it is, but (for me) the comfort outweighs the looks.

    Same shorts, but they are company issue ;-) with a B17.. after 30 years riding Brooks they have broken me in...
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