Damn cycling is expensive!

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Hello all, new to the forum and this is my first post.

OK so I've got the cycling bug and already want an up-grade. I currently own a Claud Butler Levante (I think an 08) which is great as a fast hybrid but isn't the proper road bike I now want. I've had it for about a year and a half and it has served me well but am now starting to do more miles. I've been doing a few 60 milers and am doing the Norwich 100 miler on the 6th of June. I really want some drop bars and was looking to convert my bike from the original straight bars but even when buying on ebay I would be looking at spending a fair bit buying levers, bars, tape and cables. I'm now starting to think I'm just going to suck it up and do the 100 miler as is then sell the bike once I'm done. Then I can add some money to that and buy a decent second hander, what say you?

My main reason for this train of thought is the whole you can't polish a turd argument, it will still have 2200 groupset etc and really I'd like something with tiagra or 105 which can be had on a second hand bike for pretty fair prices.

One last thing and not really related to this post, is the Boardman team carbon really a much better bike than the Boardman Team? As far as I can see everything bar the frame is the same and the carbon doesn't really offer that much weight saving? I think thats a bike I'd like but perhaps not until next year or so.

Many thanks,

(p.s. anyone want to buy a Claud Butler Levante? haha)


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    Yes, it would be better to sell your current bike than to convert it - not only from the financial aspect, but also the comprimises there will always be in the geometry.

    Good luck with your 100 miler.
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    The difference with the Boardman's in a nutshell is the ride quality.

    Having owned both, the carbon is the way forward.
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    cycling is as expensive as you want to make it I find.
    Only cause I am a poor student at the moment, enjoyment in the sport and achievement in the sport is not and should never be directly related to the size of your wallet.

    The other day I over took a guy on a cinelli and his mate on a kuota. Probably 4grands worht of bike between them, they were going for it chain gang type stuff. I made a point to smash past them up a hill, only to get heckled by one of them. I couldnt make out if he was saying hang on, hang on. or Allez Allez!
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    Yeah I'm also a poor student (hopefully not for much longer!), I don't want to be spending a fortune as I'm only really starting to get into it but at the same time I think I would feel the benefit of a better groupset and something with a bit less flex. Second hand all the way I think.

    Cheers guys.

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    What exactly is wrong with your bike?
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    I've signed up for the Norwich 100 - not too far away now. If you think you want a proper roadie now wait until you see all the bikes that day - you'll want one even more!

    TBH it might be a tough ask to get a bike in time for that, plus get used to the very different experience of riding on drops. Have a good look at all bikes on the day - perhaps a retro rocket might take your fancy. Either way second hand might be your best bet.
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    Yeah I know it will be a a bit tight getting a new bike and getting used to it (plus my final Uni exams) before the Norwich 100 miler, hence me waiting until after. There's not much wrong with my bike as is but I think I would like drop bars for a start and the Shimano 2200 group set is not great :lol: