Halfords roof bars and cycle carrier

Robbie1958 Posts: 148
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Last year i owned a Freelander, so i went off to Halfords and bought myself their premium (although they are not) roof bars and two cycle carriers. To be honest they were good and did the job.

However i have recently changed my car to a Vectra. so i go off to halfords to by some new roof bar mounts, only to be told that I have to buy new mounts and new roof bars as they come in a kit for each specific vehicle. I explained that the mounts simply slide off the roof bars so i don't need new bars but alas, No.

I was then told "if you had bought Thule then you could buy new mounts" so beware folks if you are thinking about buying Halfords roof bars for your car, make sure you don't intend to change it before you need a new roof bar system.

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