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Hey guys, i have a few questions and looking for some help. I got my mountain bike last year and have hardly used it on the trails and fancy doing a bit of exploring of the local villages on the bike (all road)

So rather than forkout for a roadbike (i`m skint the now :oops: ) its cheaper to get a set of slicks for the bike and just change between tyres/purpose.

So... question time.

I seen these tyres and was gonna go to decathlon tomorrow and get a set are they any good?

Also, would i still use standard 26" innertube?

Thanks for any help!


  • tvi_82
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    Shark-farts, just checked the store and there out of stock :cry: Any other (cheap) recommendations?
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    Just stuck a pair of Schwalbe Marathons on my MTB and they're fast as fook!

    £30 from eBay. :wink:
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    Michelin Fast Track - check CRC as usually cheap on there. I got mine for a tenner each. They are very smooth and quiet - good vfm.
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  • bbug
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    I got a pair of these from a car boot sale:- ... y-Jet.aspx

    They've gone on to my hack bike to go around the block on. (23 miles) They are a revelation on the road after mtb tyres. I've pumped them up real hard and there's hardly any tyre touching the road, maybe a tad more than half an inch.
  • nbr_uk
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    I got a pair or Conti Town & Country (semi slicks) for road use and they're pretty good.
  • kev2b3
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    Hi there i have tried many types of slicks on my mountain bike and i find these two without a doubt the best two .Continental Travel Contact MTB Tyre which comes with free inner tubes and Continental Ultra Gatorskin MTB Tyre, the gatorskins are just like the ones that are used on racing bikes skinny and slick. They are very very fast but can be very hard to put on the wheel. They can also look pretty strange on a mountain bike .
  • DaveHudson
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    I'm running Michelin City pilot proteks on my bike, Awesome "p" protection but heavy and hard to fit, My colleague is running Schwalbe city jets, Light and fast but zero protection and another mate is using Schwalbe marathon plus which are very good too.

    Pays your money, Takes your choice.
  • Speialized all condiotion pros.....
    Best slick i ever used, commuted for years in east London on them no probs what so ever.... Check the Bay for deals

    Ive also used Continetal sports contact and had puncture after puncture!!!
  • skullthaw
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    schwable cityjets
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