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Best excuses for not riding?

cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
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I've recently made contact with a chap who lives near me and we arranged to go on a ride last night.

We arranged to meet at 6:30 to head out. I waited until about 6:45 and then just headed off, wondering why he hadn't turned up.

Anyway, after the ride I headed to the pub to watch the Fulham game and I get this text which has to rank as an all time great excuse, I laughed hard!
Sorry to mess you around, I work at the bird of prey centre in newent and our bloody eagle flew off, which is thankfully rare, but means we have to drop everything and track it down, so I didnt have my phone. Just got back with a grumpy eagle in tow. Will try to make the next one


Thanks for the laughs! I'm sure an eagle flying off is a serious issue though. I think. :D

Not saying I don't beleive it, it was just hilarious at the time


  • ExeterSimonExeterSimon Posts: 830
    A couple of summers ago I arranged to meet a couple of people for a ride. One guy hadn't shown up so we called him.

    Turns out he's forgotton that he was getting married when the ride was arranged. The ride was a Saturday and we arranged it on the Thursday.

    I told him to sort his priorities out.

    Although nothing will beat the 'Eagle Excuse'.
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  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    Got to a "ride" start, 5th November.
    All the kids waiting...

    Other local Leader/Coach not there so I rang him
    "We're having a family Bonfire barbie..sorry forgot..can't make it."
    I'd travelled 30 miles to be there, he lived 1.5 miles away.

    This was after I was almost begged to continue with the club, extra cash given to use, money for Leaders, first aid courses, etc.

    I left the club not long after.
  • Oxygen ThiefOxygen Thief Posts: 649
    Great6 excuse. Probably true though but still an absolute belter!
  • Bungalow BillBungalow Bill Posts: 643
    I pretended I'd been arrested when I missed a ride due to a hangover, much less shame in being a criminal than being a wimp. Even got my mate to come pick me up outside the cop shop later that day when I'd been 'released'.
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