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Water ingress Cannondale Synapse frame

louismichaelslouismichaels Posts: 118
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Have just driven to Scotland with my Cannondale Synapse mounted to the bike rack on the roof of the car. Went through a few brisk showers on the way from London.
Gave it the once over in my hotel room, and could hear water sloshing about within the frame. Took the seatpost out, turned the bike upside down a few times, and quite a bit of water dribbled out
Is this normal?
Where is it getting in?
Can I prevent it?
Should I be worried?

Advice much appreciated.


  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    It normally tends to get in down the seat-tube, via the slot at the top by the seat collar where the seat-pin inserts. This happens in normal riding in wet weather, as the spray from the back wheels fires lots of water at that junction.

    On my winter bike, I have cut a shortish section of an old inner tube, then remove the seat-pin and roll the inner tube section down over the top of the seat-tube and seat collar, re-insert seat-pin, and roll the rest of the inner tube up over it so that it covers about an inch or so up the seat-pin, and down over the whole of the collar and the slot in the seat-tube.

    It works pretty well, and doesn't look too gash...
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  • louismichaelslouismichaels Posts: 118
    Cheers DaSy - will give it a go.
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