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Does anyone know about the carlton racing pedigree? I have a chrome framed racing machine with the racing rider metal badge with 'WORKSOP' 'ENGLAND' and a frame number of NG5240985 which I need a history for?

I know the badge says WORKSOP although the info I can find states a frame number of W... for that? This must be an exception. It has WEINMANN c/pulls and the framework is beautiful - lugs and the rear brake cable is supported by a nice loop in the frame, something I've seen on MAJOR NICHOLS machines.

It has WEINMANN RIMS (WEINMANN brake calipers (750) VAINQUEUR 999), and SHIMANO 600 rear derailleur and the front one is a THUNDERBIRD derailleur and a BROOKS PROFESSIONAL saddle.

It has a lovely feel to it and all original so far as I can tell. The original owner sold it to me said he made no changes to the bike.

All information welcome please!! cheers, Rich.


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    if the frame number starts NG it must be a nottingham built carlton as worksop closed in 1981
    try RALEIGH BIKE FORUM as they may be able to help as it also covers carlton bikes sounds nice is the frame fully chromed?
    iam a member of the VETERAN CYCLE CLUB and seem to recall someone had a fully chromed carlton racer with them but think it was done outwith raleigh not bought originally like this though the rider wasnt the original owner
    if it is fully chromed bet it would look nice fully polished up especially as it has its original components
    im also on team raleigh forum and someone there has a chromed team raleigh racer it was a limited editon
    if the chrome is in good condition you should consider polishing it all up and entering it for the pedal cycle section of classic car shows i have a 1975 peugeot px60 racer which is totally original and won two firsts and a second for it last year
    im entered for nine classic car shows and am hoping to get at least five firsts this year am also entered for the champion of champions pedal cycle cup as well
    my first show is this coming sunday so fingers crossed
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    the bike is full chrome. The frame has a few pitts in it, but would polish up ok. I am rebuilding it now, although it needs new cables there is nothing wrong with it. I was wondering about the year of manufacture and possible value.