Hope Braided Hose

HarveyMushman Posts: 30
edited May 2010 in MTB beginners
I've just replaced my old gear shifter cable with some new Jagwire braided, and would like to also upgrade the Hope brake cable.

Obviously I want to get braided hose, and have been looking at something like this:

http://www.bikeoutlet.co.uk/products/Ho ... 57-65.html

My questions are:

- Alll the sites that sell this item say enough hose for either the front OR the back, but what about the fittings?

- Having never done this I wasn't sure whether there are enough fittings in the kit for the front AND the back, and that I might just need to buy some more hose?

- Does anyone have a link as to where I can buy just the fitting kit (minus the hose?)

Many Thanks