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Ltd Edition Team Carbon - Last one??

sam1176uksam1176uk Posts: 524
edited June 2010 in Your road bikes
Finally picked up my Ltd Edition Team carbon yesterday and had 50 miles on it today, can only say it looks awesome in the flesh and even better to ride!
Delighted with the purchase and the staff at Halfords Edinburgh were great, i'm well chuffed i finally decided to go for one and he said I officially had the last ltd edition in the uk :)








  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    nice bike,i want one
    going downhill slowly
  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
    Very nice, although I think I'd end up with some cleaning OCD with that much white on a bike.

    I'm off for a lemon curd sandwich.
  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    That's a great looking bike, how will you keep those tyres white ??
  • sam1176uksam1176uk Posts: 524
    Lol a quick wipe down so far, but I have some Pro Race 3's which will be going on soon so the white tyres will be going!
  • pitchshifterpitchshifter Posts: 1,476
    ascurrell wrote:
    That's a great looking bike, how will you keep those tyres white ??

    I would replace them after every ride
  • sparansparan Posts: 39
    awesome bike. i am considering the team carbon, although obviously not the ltd edition, but can you recommend it? does it ride well? any upgrades necessary?
  • sam1176uksam1176uk Posts: 524
    Hi Sparan,

    I thought about the team carbon for months before finally going for it, I can honestly say i am delighted with it. I previously had a Cube Peloton and I am much quicker on the Boardman, the set up from Halfords was spot on as well to be fair, not needed to do anything except put my saddle down a fraction.

    Wouldn't say there are any necessary upgrades although that's up to yourself, i find the wheels great and the saddle is fine.
  • maxlitemaxlite Posts: 293
    Nice looking bike, love the colour way and yellow hudz
    Cervelo R5
    Cinelli Saetta
    Giant XTC
    Raleigh Classic
  • CarbonCopyCarbonCopy Posts: 492
    Great looking bike enjoy it.i think it will look much better in some sun light,thats if it shows up this summer?.
  • sam1176uksam1176uk Posts: 524
    Thanks for the comments, quite fancy putting a black saddle/bar tape and tyres on it, what do yo think??
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    Keep it white. Mind you, you are going to have to get an awesome tan to ride that bike. :wink:
  • Paul SmenisPaul Smenis Posts: 14
    The bike rides well, saddle might need changing, brakes could be better. I got hold of two yellow Zefal water bottles and yellow dust caps, both finish the colour scheme off nicely. I got plenty of looks as I rode and people asking questions at pub/cafe stops. It looked so good that I was targeted by sh*t thieves and I no longer have it anymore, Such is life, am now looking for a secondhand one or will go for the pro carbon, but colours boring but might not attract thieves. Enjoy it but be careful.
  • rjh299rjh299 Posts: 721
    sam1176uk wrote:
    Thanks for the comments, quite fancy putting a black saddle/bar tape and tyres on it, what do yo think??

    Yellow saddle and bar tape
    Black hoods
    Break up bit of the white and brake levers look better with black hoods
    Might be bit garish for some though
  • alkaseltsaalkaseltsa Posts: 11
    That looks freaking awesome... Dare to be different and keep it the way it is i say. Individuality is always put down, which is no doubt why so many numbheads walk about with Manchester United shirts on their backs!

    I do like white cables though... so if i owned one (and i would love to) i might get some white Jagwires :lol:
  • leeroy72leeroy72 Posts: 330
    Very nice....
    Find your limits...and then exceed them frequently
  • k2riderk2rider Posts: 575
    nice but a see thru white paint job to show the weave would have been better, thats just me being jealous!
    who cares?
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