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Bike shop work experience advice

Pritchardd04Pritchardd04 Posts: 37
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I am about to do some work experience in a bike shop I am relatively new to mountain biking and don't know a great deal about bike mechanics I know there is also some road bikes in the shop as well, I was wandering if any one has any general advice About servicing the bikes and other mechanical things.


  • inthemiczinthemicz Posts: 39
    The best advice I would give is to keep interested and try not to feel bad about having to do the 'rubbish' jobs.

    Any Bike Mech worth their salt will try to teach you as much as they can, but remember sometimes with deadlines they may have to just finish a job without any teaching.

    They probably wont let you loose on your own with much more that puncture repairs in the beginning.

    Try to listen as much as you can, even when they are talking to customer. I don't mean stand beside like a lemon, but try to find a job nearby that will enable you to listen.

    Ask lots of questions, but not the same ones constantly.

    Bike servicing is definetly a learn by doing activity, so I doubt you will be able to pick up much before you're in at the deep end.

    Remember we were all in the same boat once.
  • Learn how to make a good cuppa before you go!
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    take biccies!

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  • cheers that all sounds good advice
  • rubins4rubins4 Posts: 563
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    I would love to do that for a week or two. I expect you will get great advice. I'm quite jealous actually. :lol:

    As said, look interested, ie - dont stand round with your hands in your pockets. (a pet hate of mine). It looks bad from a mile off, and people will be far more willing to help you along if your willing. Other than that, enjoy yourself! (and take biscuits ) :D ... t=12613038
    Anyway, fk dis, I iz off 4 a ride innit. l8rz peepz
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  • Muddy1182Muddy1182 Posts: 146
    I 2nd the "look interested, ie - dont stand round with your hands in your pockets." Really is bad thing to do. I hate it when work experience people do that in my shop. Show your willing, empty the bins, hoover up etc and you will probably be rewarded.

    If you want to get involved with the servicing, why not ask questions the first week, and maybe ask if you can service your own bike the 2nd week with there advice/help? That way you look keen, and get Free advice and service of your bike? Sure they wont mind.

    Definately make great Tea, and bribes of biscuits help too.
  • I did work experience in my LBS 2 years ago. Before hand I had played around with my bike eg setting up mechs and re-newing cables etc simple stuff, but I learnt a great deal in the week and I got a lot from it.

    My advice would be make the most of your time there and make it worth while having all the tools you can get your hands so you can learn stuff there which you couldnt at home. (persuming you havent got a fully equipped workshop).
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  • W00DENT0PW00DENT0P Posts: 211
    My first year year or so spent in an MTB shop was pretty much spent as a skivvy, making brews / tidying up / washing hire bikes ect ... first few years i hated it to be honest, but as you go on, you learn more and get more responsibilities, i ended up running the workshop and was there for 10 1/2 years !! Actually going back next sunday for a bit of extra work / cash ... after 3 1/2 years out !! ha
    In my time spent there we had quite a few work experience lads, the majority of them were pretty sh*t to be honest, as said, be prepared to do crappy jobs and don't complain, eveyones gotta start somewhere. Working in an MTB shop is never gonna make you a fortune but find a good ona and it'll be good crack.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    learn how to use a dust pan an brush.
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  • Elliot RossElliot Ross Posts: 182
    i went on work experiance last year and worked in a financial business, the best thing to do is to listen and ask questions, and if you dont understand just ask they wont mind. Also if your there for 2 weeks you will soon learn and im sure you will get to do more things throughout the 2 weeks. Never know you might get a job in the hols like i did if you impress them enough!
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