Newbie wants a good hard tail £800

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Hello all

This is my first post so be gentle. I am 33 and looking to get my first good mountain bike. I have not biked for donkeys and want to get fit in a fun way. i am lucky enough to live pretty close to Sherwood pines and may be using this on top of some light trails and tarmac.

I have a cycle to work scheme which I will be taking advantage of, it is through Wheelies, so my bikes are semi limited.

my current weapons of choice are Orange G3, cannondale sl4 and a Rockhopper comp.

Whats your thoughts?



  • nipper9
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    hi mate
    i have a spesh rockhopper sl comp 2010
    i ride mainly my local mountains and some fast hour road rides, but i have and will ride afan more
    it cost me 719 from tredz its been perfect for me
    taken me 4mths to get it set up rite but its great uphill ( i always lock the forks out ) downhill a bit wavy on the front but iam doing 30mph down mountains
    the only faults i can see with it is the bars are a bit narrow and it seems to loose paint easily should have heli-taped it first me thinx

    cheers paul

    specialized rockhopper sl comp 2010
    specialized rockhopper comp 2003?
    trek 800 antelope 1993
    raliegh chopper mk2 1976
    raliegh tomahawk 1973
    raliegh budgie
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    I've had a g3 for almost 18 months now, can't really pick too many faults with it, found it to be very reliable, very suprised by the amount of abuse it can handle, i got way too much air today after following someone round who was riding an enduro and had no problems whatsoever with it, i love it, but you might not

    that said i can't really comment about the cannondale or rockhopper, i know the rockhopper is very similarly specced to the orange, so try them out, choose the one that you prefer