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This is my Keirin story,
I kept KEIRIN racing between more than the half of my life.

Hello all, 
 Konnichiwa!!  こんにちわ

Hi!! to the person who has already known me.
and Nice to meet you!! to the person who knows me for the first time.


Sorry,my English is a beginner. Please forgive me when it is amusing.

I'm Tomity(52 Y.O.). I'm professional KEIRIN rider.
First of all, I speak about KEIRIN to you.

As you know KEIRIN is a cycling race that arose in Japan.
KEIRIN is a gambling game. After the war, KEIRIN started soon at Kokura Kyushu velodrome. It is 62 years old this year.

Fukuoka Kokura Keirin Velodrome(Indoor) 400m,132.7418&sspn=0.002452,0.003696&ie=UTF8&ll=33.872144,130.887546&spn=0.00245,0.003696&t=h&z=18&msa=0&msid=115427854902467591068.00043804d4d0d52e83021
2005 Keirin-sai


KEIRIN was added from the world cycling championships in 1980 to the official program. and it was added from the Sydney Olympics to the official program in 2000.


After that, KEIRIN became the same universal language as the judo.
You know,Sumo Kabuki Fuji-yama Sukiyaki Tempura Otaku Manga Tsunami Daraemon........ It is all Japanese that all over the world knows.








  • 01cycling.jpg

    I liked to travel with the bicycle that had been assembled for myself at high school days. and I started cycle racing in the Hosei University age.


    For me, 1kmTT was a specialty.

    The all-time personal best at that time was 1 minutes 08 seconds 29.
    My best race result was 3rd place in a Japan track cycling championship.

    I got the engineer's job after college.

    After a while, to become KEIRIN rider, I left engineer's company.

    The reason is this.
    My teammate SHIGENORI INOUE at university days became professional KEIRIN rider, succeeded very much, and became famous.

    And, Japanese professional KEIRIN rider Mr.Koichi Nakano that was completely unnamed in the bicycle game field in the world won the championship with world track cycling championships sprint for the first time and was a world champion at the same time.

    Afterwards, he kept continuously winning the championship ten times (still Guinness record).


    He changed into the player with the most famous world in the realm of sport.

    The frame that had kept being used until he retired was NAGASAWA of NAKANO red.


    NAGASAWA frame became famous worldwide because of the activity of Koichi Nakano.

    He earned the prize offor 100 million JPY ($1,015,744.0) (100,000,000JPY /$98.45) or more in total in one year (in 1980).

    (He retires in 1992 and is doing the sports commentator now. )

    The event invited me to become KEIRIN rider.

    Afterwards, I entered KEIRIN school to pull the pin and to become professional KEIRIN rider. The passing time of my test was 1 minutes 10 seconds 5.
    The deadline was a stand for 1 minutes 13 seconds.


    I debuted with Kagetsuen Keirin velodrome on April 30, 1982.

    Kanagawa Kagetsuen Keirin Velodrome 400m,140.114892&sspn=0.002398,0.003696&ie=UTF8&ll=35.501736,139.668642&spn=0.002402,0.003696&t=h&z=18&msa=0&msid=115427854902467591068.00043804d4d0d52e83021


    2007International keirin in JAPAN

    Rookies debut from the class of the subordinate position most. (B-class.There is no B-class now)
    Race result of my debut is Preliminary 4th place, semifinal 3rd place,final 7th place.

    To our regret, Kagetsuen KEIRIN velodrome closed in March this year because of the sales deficit.

    I was not able to come in 1st place easily after it had debuted. After five months had passed, I won for the first time in 1st place.


    I have not retired yet now. At June.


    The last race schedule of me is a schedule in the end of June. It will be decided next week. maybe 26th/June.
    Generally, the last race becomes velodrome of local. It is likely to become Tokyo Tachikawa for me.

    I began to write the diary until my last racing.

    This is a part of my bicycle life.
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    Wow! Very interesting - thanks for sharing! :D
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    what a great post, thank you
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    Tomity-san - Superb post! Best of luck in your final race. I lived in Chiba for 3 years really near the Keirin track at Chiba-Koen - did you ever race there?

    Gambatte kudasai!


    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

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    Thanks for posting!

    Good luck!
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    great pictures thread.........keep it up
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