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Riding buddies wanted for sherwood pines/peak district.

andy broxandy brox Posts: 9
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hi,looking for riding buddies for sherwood pines and the peak district for sundays.i live in lincoln and there isnt that many mtbers around here!anyone intrested out there, would appreciate the company.


  • chappers666chappers666 Posts: 30
    I'm in Lincoln as well - can't say I've got much experience after years spent doing not a lot and getting fat. I work most weekends unfortunately but I'm up for a meet up and a ride at some point
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  • MiggMigg Posts: 15
    hi andy i ride round peak district most saturdays if you over this way you can ride with me and co :)
  • ctrlaltdelctrlaltdel Posts: 114
    Hi Andy, i'm in Newark so not too far from sherwood pines. I'd certainly be up for a ride around Pines, and maybe the peak district too (although i'm not entirely sure if i'm fit enough at the moment to do the peaks properly - it's been ages since i've been up there :()
  • Now then Andy, I am from Lincoln and will be home next weekend if you fancy a ride at the Pines.

    Let me know

  • andy broxandy brox Posts: 9
    hi,thanks for invite migg but can only do sundays,if you go on a sunday let me known and i will tag along.

    if the others want to meet up for a ride that would be great,free most sundays,we should get something sorted.

  • ctrlaltdelctrlaltdel Posts: 114
    Sunday is also my usual riding day as well - at what time do you guys usually get there?
  • MissBint37MissBint37 Posts: 1,503
    I am injured at the moment, have been for about 3 months now (hand injury sustained snowboarding), I am under a consultant and hoping to be back on the bike in the next few weeks but need a few easy rides to get back into it. Sherwood is nice, and its a chilled out ride, no hills really hehe. I might be up for that at some point! Also when Im back on form, back out to the peaks!
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  • andy broxandy brox Posts: 9
    i get there quite early around 9am.
  • ctrlaltdelctrlaltdel Posts: 114
    9's fine by me. Anyone else fancy a bike ride around that time?
  • Hey,
    yeah I would be up for a 9am ride on Sunday. Need to make the most of my time off!
  • ctrlaltdelctrlaltdel Posts: 114
    Cool, i'll be in front of the bike shop at nine. I'm the lanky looking bloke with the black and white marin.
    Oh, the name's Mat by the way :wink:
  • andy broxandy brox Posts: 9
    sorry lads,i put my back out yesterday so cant make time i'm free is sunday 30th may(2 weeks).if your going then post up and i will be there!!
  • sebbosebbo Posts: 2
    Hi folks,

    I just moved to nottingham and i'm looking for good places to ride and some peeps to ride with. Ideally xc, nothing too beastly as my full-sus is still up in glasgow.
    Keen to try out sherwood pines trails and would appreciate some insider knowledge/good company so give me a shout if any of you fancy it.
    Awaiting delivery of tyres (wouldn't do too well with my semi-slicks!) but hopefully they'll arrive today so tomorrow or monday could be an option.

  • RozzaRozza Posts: 75

    I live off Brant Road in Lincoln and need to get out of the city to ride more. If you're still in town I'd like to get over to the Peaks for a blast. Sherwood as well if you want but I've been round so many times......

    I can fit a couple of bikes in the back of my Mondeo nee bother.

    Drop me a line if you're up for it.

    All the best,

    Wolf Ridge, mmm bop, XTC Composite, Uncle John
  • Hello chaps. I live close to the pines and enjoy forages to the peak district. Night rides in the woods during the week are possible ( a group of us ride to the pines on wednesdays). Can't do a sunday for next 3 weeks as i'm off skiing.

    PM me if you want to arrange anything. My regular riding mates struggle to get out at the weekends!
  • You could have a look here: ... 11492.html

    They have organised a few rides in the Pines, and are well up for future rides I would have thought, have a look through the Organise A Ride Section to get a flavour. :wink:
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    I'm always looking for someone to carpool over to the peaks with. I leave from Newark. Looking to do Jacobs Ladder soon if anyone is interested?
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