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Shimano m475 hub service or replace?

KoilerKoiler Posts: 513
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just fitted some new brake pads and noticed that the rear hub sounds like death. grinding gritty nastiness basically.

i know this is probably my own fault for not checking and cleaning it more regularly but im wondering if its possible to take the hub apart for a bit of a clean and some fresh grease?

how do i go about this? ive never attempted it before

if the bearings are knackered, is it worth replacing them? as the the hub seems to be a cheapy one.

or would i be better off putting the money towards new hubs to go with the new wheels that i've been thinking about?

if its new hub time, can anyone recommend something for sort of AM/ freeride type riding? would like 32h and something sealed would be nice!

i dont know much about wheels and the like but are the hope pro 2 hubs worth the money? id like to try and spend less than that if possible

chees for any help,



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Park Tools has a guide on cup and cone hubs and the tools needed to service.
  • W00DENT0PW00DENT0P Posts: 211
    If the the bearings / cones / cups and freehub are all abit rough then the cheapest fix is to buy a complete Deore M525 rear hub and swap all the parts over, you can even knock the non-drive side cup out and fit it to your M475 hub, complete set of new bearings / cups / cones / axle and freehub, M525 comes with better quality seals as well, so should last abit longer than the M475.
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