Bianchi Pista steel 2010

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Like the look of one, allthough would change the bars (I know, I know) ...anybody any knowledge,comments or thoughts as to why I shouldn't buy one :lol:

And if fixie for a fixie firsty?

Great club in and around the Warrington area.


  • It doesn't have any gears.
  • pabloweaver
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    It doesn't have any gears.

    aside from the 1.....

    it doesn't have any paint either...but that's not a real reason!

    Great club in and around the Warrington area.
  • System_1
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    I think they're overpriced. And up close, the chrome isn't that impressive either. For less money with a similar spec you could get a Fuji Classic Track or Fuji Feather. Much better value for money IMO.
  • stevevw
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    I have a 2008 version and it is my daily ride of choice. Changed the gearing to 48 - 18 and the bars to normal modern 3ttt drops with a pair of aero levers,it only has a front brake but the bars are more comfy with 2 lever hoods to rest your hands on. I have also run it with bull horn bars which worked well.

    As for the Fuji being better value, well I think the Bianchi is much nicer to ride but yes it does cost a bit more. As for the chrome not looking good up close this is to do wth the clear coat that protects the chrome year round. It would be easy to strip the coating if it bothered you that much. All in all I love it.