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Two week road trip.... securing bikes on / in the Jeep

RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
edited May 2010 in MTB general
HI all,

We're going on a two week road trip up to Scotland and back down again in August but I have concerns on the security of the bikes on the jeep. I have a sold secure gold rated super heavy duty chain and lock which will go round all bikes and the rear carrier.

The bikes will be mounted on the jeep on a tow bar mounted carrier which can be easily removed with the bikes off ( lifts off the bracket) so I could disassemble the bikes partially and put them in the Jeep overnight.

Has anyone done this sort of trip where accomodation didn't have bike storage facilities? any advice?


2010 Carrera Fury
1992 Raleigh Equipe
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