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ups and down

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Took the 456 out for its first spin last night, and what a difference compared to the old bike, steel frame instead of an aluminium/granite mix, zocchi AM3 air forks instead of RS dart 1's and tubeless instead of tubed. still getting used to the different characteristics of the bike, but bloody hell it was good. felt like i was riding on cotton wool at times instead of singletrack :)

But, as is always the case, something always goes wrong on the first ride :( On the way back to the car we heard a hissing noise and noticed that my back tyre had went flat (bonty revolt super x) Found a very slight tear (1mm) just at the top of the sidewall where the tread starts, tried sloshing the sealant about but would it seal, would it censored . Ended up having to put a tube in.

Was using bonty super juice, but i noticed it had went kind of foamy when i popped the tyre off. Has anyone else had this experience?? any recommendations for a better sealant?

Other than that, i'm looking forward to getting back out on her as it was great fun compared to the old bike
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