finger tingle!

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long story cut short:
traded gt avalanche 1.0 2006 for trek 6700 2010 (and some more cash) always rode the gt with fingerless gloves with no problems. took the trek out for the fisrt time on sat morning (nice weather) and within half an hour the tips of my fingers where starting to tingle and felt numb. is this what you would call "trail buzz"?


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    Possibly. Maybe just a new set up ie wrist angle.
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    I found the grips a tad harsh on my 6700. Stuck some on some Bontrager Lock-ons, big improvement.
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    At a guess I'd say grips are the issue as I've found them to have the biggest effect on hand feel. My giant stp was unridable for me with stock grips because of a hand injury, I put some odi rogues on it and no pain or any thing, but I have stupid long hands so need a fat grip, you know the size of your own hands are the grips on your new bike fatter or thinner than the old ones? Also brake lever position has quite an effect as does handlebar rotation, have a tinker see what suits you.
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    Ok, thankyou for your replies, I'll have a look at changing the grips and see what happens.
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    Another thing to try maybe seat movement front and rear. it may be more pressure on your wrists due to the seat being too far forwards/backwards.