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Freehub has a problem.....

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When riding there is no problem but when accelerating from a standstill at 2 oclock on the right hand pedal stroke everything moves except the wheel. its freewheeling forward! only happens sometimes though and in certain gears only. also happens when sprinting hard


is it the pawls?

bike is kept outside overnight twice a week but is fine after this. it usually happens most after being kept inside my house @ 25c.

dont know anything about freehubs/cassettes. dont have tools to dismantle. wheels are pretty censored tbh, is it an expensive fix?

will this get worse? dont wanna get stranded somewhere.......


  • bicebice Posts: 772

    Freehubs can be difficult to get off as using them makes them ever tighter on the threads. I could not get mine off (with a hammer), but an LBS did. A vise helps. Then just thread on and pedalling will tighten up. I think I paid £12 to get it off and I bought something as well, so maybe £5-8 - a deal as getting the adapter to get the thing off (before I ruined it) would have been £4 or so.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    If it's modern bike, it's likely to have a freehub, not a freehub and you certainly don't want to use a vice and a hammer to get it off. Try running some light oil into the freehub first - it might bring it back to life. Replacements are from £20 and expect another £10 for fitting
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  • leejdaviesleejdavies Posts: 217
    What wheels are they?

    You may find your Pawl spring has snapped thus not making the actual pawls stick out. This happened on my Fulcrum R7's I had to continue riding as was out for about an hour. Took it into the shop to get fixed only to be told that the damage wasn't covered by warranty, as it was used after it broke :evil: This made me angry.

    Long short, sort it out asap as it only gets worse as the broken parts roll around breaking everything else.

    Pawl springs are super cheap. Probably best to order a few they are fragile little blighters. :shock:

    BTW if you want to replace the wheels with some brand new Fulcrum R7's I have a pair with Campag freehub 8) They look really nice :lol:
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  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    bice wrote:
    Freehubs can be difficult to get off...
    Monty Dog wrote:
    If it's modern bike, it's likely to have a freehub, not a freehub

    Confusion here between freehub and freewheel - bice is talking about a freewheel and Monty understood that I'm sure.

    Campag/Fulcrum are more maintainable, as Lee is saying.
    Shimano aren't, unless you have the special tools, more a replaceable unit as Monty says.
    Jalco, Joytech, etc tend to be similar to Shimano but spares aren't readily available.

    We do need to know which wheels, really
  • ProssPross Posts: 39,246
    I thought you were referring to our well known fellow site contributor :lol:
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