Brake levers for 26 mm diameter handlebars on a Fuji Track?

neilco Posts: 18
edited May 2010 in Road general

I've been riding my Fuji Track for a few months now and have come to realise that I'm going to get more use out of it if I fit some brakes. Guess I'm just not brave enough to bring it into the city without them :-(

So, I've been looking at levers like Shimano Sora R400 - I want that style with hoods so that I can stretch out a bit. Horizontal mounted levers don't do it for me. Problem is that my handlebar diameter is 26 mm and it seems that Shimano levers only fit diameters around the 24 mm size. Is this really the case or can you adjust this fit size, or what other options are there? Has anyone else fitted hood-style brakes to a Fuji Track?

Thanks in advance - and sorry for not sticking brake-less!