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Indexing gears help!

SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
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Well it seems that my cables have worn in enough on the Boardman to throw my gears out of index.

I was wanting a guide on how to index them correctly, and to find out of this is hard to do?

I had s play with the barrel adjusters, but to no avail.

I have ordered one of these to help me as per park tools website guide:


Now I am rubbish and any form of DIY job, so please give me instructions like you would a small child....I am that poor at mechanical things! (Bar electrical....)

Cheers guys


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,087
    is it sram rival rear mech?

    instructions here... ... __1_06.pdf

    other rival info here... ... subcatID=2
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  • marin_maniacmarin_maniac Posts: 513
    Set you high and low steps.

    Before you connect the cable to the rear mech, wind in the barrel adjust about 1/2 to 1 turn and make sure the shifter is in the highest gear position (i.e as if you were in the smallest sprocket on the cassette).

    Connect the cable and shift one gear (as going up the cassette to an easier gear).

    Chances are the mech won't shift. don't touch the shifter any more, and just wind the barrell adjuster to increase the tension (wind towards the spokes) about 1/2 a turn at a time till it makes the shift.

    Once it makes the shift, shift back down to the smallest sprocket again and repeat till it shifts perfectly.

    This method I find works fine for Sram and Shimano, so you shouldn't have any probs.
  • SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
    Its both the front and back that I need to do, and yes, all are rival.
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    When my cables stretch I do the following:
    Rear mech...
    Put the bike in a workstand.
    Stick it on the smallest rear sprocket and spin the cranks, steadily.
    As the wheel is spinning commence turning the barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur, until the chain begins to start ticking, and trying to move to the next gear.
    Stop turning the barrel out at this point, and slowly turn the barrel back in, just enough to stop the ticking.
    Now run your bike through it's gears, all should be well.
    I've never had cause to touch my front mech, but, as you're only trying to compensate for cable stretch, I would just turn out the adjuter on the front mech, until it changed crisply, again... :wink:
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  • SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
    I have barrel adjustors and the one for the front mech does not seem t omove it in the slightest!
  • Meds1962Meds1962 Posts: 391
    Try moving the front mech manually to put some slack in the cable while you adjust the barrell.
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