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Wheel flex problem

pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
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I have Most Chall wheels which came with my Pinarello FP3. When climbing out of the saddle, especially in the wet, I can hear the rear rim fouling against the brake pads with each pedal stroke. The brakes are Campag Centaur and I have loosened them off abit to make the rim/ pad gap a little wider on each side. The bearings have no play.

Off the bike I can flex the rim from side to side some considerable amount without too much effort, touching the brake pads easily on either side. The bike (and obviously wheel) is only a few months old. The wheel is totally true. I weigh 88kg and am 5' 11'' and don't consider myself to be hugely powerful, but above average I reckon.

So, question is this. Are these wheels just not very good? I guess O.E. wheels are sometimes compromised to keep the bike in a certain price range? What can I do about it, if anything, or is it simply a case that they need upgrading? If so, what would be a better choice? I hear great things about Mavic Ksyrium SLs and Elites, but they are a bit on the steep side as far as price goes. Would these be much stiffer and prevent my flexing problem? What other options would you recommend I look at?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.



  • James_LondonJames_London Posts: 530
    The wheels look reasonably solid in Pinarello's photos. I'd get a decent wheelbuilder to check and adjust the spoke tension as a first step.
  • doggleddoggled Posts: 7
    I got a pair on my FP3, rode 700 mls on them and several of the spokes just wripped right out of the rim. Not good.

    I'm 6'4" and 16st6 so i've just ordered myself a set of Compag Eurus's. They rank very well on this comprehensive comparison.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120

    Great link, many thanks for that. Interestingly it would appear that my wheel flex is probably down to my 90kg body weight. And there was I thinking it was down to my pedal power!

    Certainly will be looking at upgrading my wheels and the data in that article will prove very useful when making choices. Thanks again.

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