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Bizarre stiff knees problem! Help!!

JayKingFunkJayKingFunk Posts: 411
Yesterday I started to get a really stiff feeling in both knees.

I have it again today and have never experienced it before?!

I did a lot of riding on Wednesday last week and have had a very busy tiring week in general but I'm quite fit and only 26. I play squash once a week too but have never had any injuries with my knees before.

Has anyone else had anything like this?

I've had a look online but not found much, gonna go to the doc's if it carries on.

Thanks in advance, J.
I love the sound my tyres make on dusty single track!


  • RockingDadRockingDad Posts: 239
    Do you eat a lot of salt? add it yo uour chips etc? This royally messed up my missus knees to the point that she couldn't apply pressure kneeling.... cut the salt completely and a couple of months later good as gold.....

    Even if you do get to the docs and get it checked out fella, don't leave it

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  • JayKingFunkJayKingFunk Posts: 411
    Never thought of that!

    I don't really eat much salt at all. I only ever have it on chips and I only have them on the odd occasion!

    Thanks for your reply though, if it does carry on I'll be going to the doc's.

    I love the sound my tyres make on dusty single track!
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