Shorts and Tights

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Went and tried a couple on today and ended up getting some tights with padding. Got them home and now i am not convinced i got the correct size. How tight should they be? Where should the padding go up to on your derriere?


  • sungod
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    pad should be between you and the saddle, so it goes on the bits where you sit

    usually you should buy on waist size, there are variations in fit between makes/models

    if they are a real squeeze to get on then they are probably too small, if they slip on very easily with no need for any wiggling then too big
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    As above, they should be a tightish fit, not baggy and not cutting off the blood supply :wink:
    They will feel weird if you are not used to them but should feel OK when riding.
    The pad will be higher at the back so make sure when sitting on the bike that it is between your sit bones and the saddle. Some tights / shorts have the pad too far forward in my experience so check this while you can still return them if not right.
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    Personally I never get padded tights as you cannot remove thenm if you get hot :D
    I get non padded and wear shorts, then if I leave early morning when it may be cold (like recently as low as 4 degrees) then can take them off when it wams up later.
  • furiousd
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    I wanted to get padded to stop getting a sore ass, i know it will toughen up.
  • I have a pair of addidas tights. They are tightish to get on but sit comfortably with the pad in the right area. They do however have a lack of frontal padding in how high they come up. so they can be a bit of a pain when I get in work as I become a bit concious of the old fella sort of being on show.

    I've virtually worn them everyday since last sep/ oct they have been superb tights considering they were on sale from wiggle at the time. For £20ish.
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