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Post clean lube up

rubins4rubins4 Posts: 563
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all.

Having just stripped the bike, I've given all the greasey parts a good degrease before putting them onto a new frame. The only problem is I'm not gonna be able to build the new frame up any time soon.

Is it gonna be ok to dry the parts out as best as possible and then leave them till the rebuild, or will pivots etc in the rear mech need lubing to prevent any adverse side effects. I've dried them as best as possible with kitchen towel and now put them ontop of a radiator.Will this be sufficient to drive water out before any problems arise, or do i need to go and get some thing to help? Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, the parts in question are: rear mech, cassette, chain, cranks & bb (24/7 three piece crankset, sealed cartridge bearings in the BB - given the degreaser treatment, i'm hoping to dry them out on a radiator then drop some 'Finish Line Dry' into them).

Most of the BB assembly seems to be ali, as seems to be the cassette, the cranks I'm happy with, if the chain rusts out I'm not too upset, but its mainly the rear mech I'm concerned with. ... t=12613038
Anyway, fk dis, I iz off 4 a ride innit. l8rz peepz
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