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ktm strada , cannondale carbon 6 opinions please

kiwilinxkiwilinx Posts: 9
edited May 2010 in Road buying advice
my lbs in ireland is stocking ktm strada with full ultegra. Was hoping someone out there has ridden one and can give me some feedback. I will be using it for long 4-5 hour hilly rides, so really want to know if it is suited to this. The other bike i am looking at is a cannondale carbon 6. I have a budget of 2000 pounds and these 2 bikes are top of the list as they come in a triple, which is what i prefer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated , as this bike is going to be used on my dream ride , the etape. Cheers


  • Have ridden both. Mate has the KTM and I have the Dale.
    KTM's (made by motorbike company) are pretty unique and are a good bike. They are finished really well and are equipped with good kit. It will suit if you want something that will probably be collectable in years to come.
    For me, there was no contest - carbon 6 is just a far better bike to ride!
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