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First Day

soulfoolsoulfool Posts: 7
edited May 2010 in MTB beginners
As mentioned above, first day with my specialized hardrock pro (first time on bike in around 25yrs) and loved it.

Managed about 7/8 miles but my buttt is killing me, was wandering if this is fairly normal, just seems to be the bony area if this makes sense, otherwise love the bike and riding position as i have no other pains. Im reluctant to go out and buy a new saddle already as i felt it may be partly due to the fact i havnt ridden in so long.

Think il wait a couple weeks and see how it is then, im also very overweight and was wandering if this had much to do with feeling sore.

any thoughts and experience would be appreciated


James :)


  • A sore censored is very normal if you haven't been riding for a long time. I was in agony after I hadn't ridden for a few years and tried a few tactics (waiting a week or two...) but found in the end just sitting with the pain day for a few days got me over it the quickest. Now I can have 6 months off, get back on: and I'm fine. Padded shorts will help though.
  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
    Stick with it man,It'll be fine after a while
  • kaytronikakaytronika Posts: 580
    I picked up a pair of padded shorts from sportsdirect... Karrimor branded and they've taken the edge off the trails... I just wear them under baggy shorts. The mrs loves them on me too. Double bonus.
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  • hoochylalahoochylala Posts: 987
    I reallly wouldn't worry, as you said you have not ridden for 25yrs! Its bound to be a shock for your censored :) good effort on doing 7/8 miles though, keep it up and im sure the weight will fall off for you.

    As others have mentioned though, may be worthwhile investing in some padded shorts before looking at the saddle, as these will help and I suspect you just need to get used to the sensation of being on the bike again :)
  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Yeah I got the Pro too, great bike to start out on again. Stick with it 1 more week and that saddle will be very comfy
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