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2+2, 4 Bikes, Dog & Camping Gear...................

shaunosshaunos Posts: 84
2 + 2 kids. a Greyhound, 4 bikes and camping gear, all in one vehicle???????
OK, not all at the same time.......very often!!

Family are now all getting into cycling and camping, and our little corsa is not a suitable vehicle to carry anything substantial.

Days out, weekends away, etc are becoming an issue as unable to carry all the gear.

I have been looking around at BIG estates (Volvo V70...) and vans to do up (VW T4/Vito), on a "small" budget.

Anyone have similar experiences?


  • lovewaleslovewales Posts: 411
    Also consider large hatchbacks, we currently have a C shape vectra which has a bigger boot that the volvo estate we had. Oh and you have to become experienced at packing the boot. :lol:
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  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    2 kids, 3 dogs, Me, the Mrs, bike, camping gear. Answer; Ford Galaxy, Honda Jazz or Octavia estate.

    Both ok, Galaxy substantially better tho for space, comfort. Jazz like the Tardis !!!

    We've done trips from N.Wales to Portsmouth, IOW, Newcastle and Scottish borders.

    Kids now 18/21, so do their own thing more. Octavia still the regular rig, Diesel and great mileage. Punto for me, bike and dogs only works ok too.
  • floosyfloosy Posts: 270
    Why not consider a trailer.... you can now mount roof bars to the top of the trailer to take roof top bike carriers too...

    I too have a Corsa and this is what I plan to do....
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    +1 to the trailer. Or ... 90519.aspx

    With perhaps a bike up there too, and some bikes on the back?

    Greyhounds are GREAT! Our one does the transformer like morph into a tiny little ball in the car. He takes up NO space ;)

    Or... rent a 4WD. I'm a big one for having the smallest car you can get away with, so you're not lugging around a whole lot more car all the time, just for the once or twice a year usage. So trailers, roof boxes or rentals are great. Depending upon how many miles you do, they may easily offset the cost of a larger car.
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  • shaunosshaunos Posts: 84
    Thanks for the advice guys.
    Have finally gone for a Ford Galaxy, "W" reg @ £1300.
  • pond skaterpond skater Posts: 18
    you should have went for a pickup
    kona caldera 2010
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