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peak district best mtb cyclin areas

burrell3143burrell3143 Posts: 63
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hi all. right want some xc riding in the peaks dont want it to be tame after some challenging riding never havin been to that area really not sure where is best....any body got peak experience and know the best places...


  • oh and coming from cheshire so dont want to go too far south especially with gordon browns robbing fuel charges
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
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    Around Ladybower and Edale.Been riding there years and its 1st class.
    Checkout the article in the on line bike mag
    Also get a copy of Dark Peak Mountainbiking from V-graphics.
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Heh, I ride with ibbo often, Peak riding at some point gets challenging. Also from the flatlands of Cheshire, Ladybower- Beast, Suicide brake. Great descents. Jacobs route, well, Rushup edge, Roych clough, Jacobs itself... Fanfeckingtastic!
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  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    hi there,
    I like doing the dark peaks route as well but do it in reverse if you wanna do a punishing ride!!!


    Park at the layby just up the road from the main ladybower car park to save a few quid.

    I may have an electronic copy of my route if you want a copy!!

    PM me if you do.
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